By ayr May 26, 2009

The Clover staff is starting to come together. The training is paying off, serve times are coming down, we have our own hats, aprons, and t-shirts on the way, and we’re having a blast. I’m going to start introducing you to some of the folks who’ve been serving it up.

Brian has been with us the longest, other than Chris (who was already introduced a long time ago). Brian helped me get the truck back up in mid-March, alongside a Brazilian guy called Anderson. He’s got a ton of experience in foodservice, from working distribution warehouses to fast food. Brian is from Boston. He’s become our go-to guy for the fryer, and clean-up at the end of the day. So now he’s responsible for training up new folks on that stuff.

Mostly we all enjoy his company. Somedays, when we don’t need his frying skills in the back, you’ll see him up-front with customers, another job he does really well.

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