I love rainy days

By ayr June 19, 2009


So it’s raining today. But I’m happy. What’s up? I mean it’s bad for business right? Yeah, that part isn’t so great, but:

(1) It’s going to rain like it or not, so might as well enjoy it right? The sky just doesn’t care if I’m in a bad mood, but everybody around me can benefit from a positive disposition

(2) Great time for us to experiment, some things are easier to try out on a rainy day

(3) It’s sort of chill and peaceful, better chance to get to know all of you (and post to the blog twice already in one morning:)

(4) Most important: we actually do really well on rainy days, like within 80% of normal. For me that is super gratifying. Anybody can sell hotdogs in a crowded park on a busy day. The real test of the business is when things are working against you, like rain. And you all come out anyway. It’s a great feeling.

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