A word about the rain

By ayr July 2, 2009


The other weeknight wrote that I love the rain. I’ve changed my mind.

Nothing has changed, the rain is peaceful, it still reminds me of greater forces at work around us, you all are still coming out in the rain, there is still no awning, and the most obvious thing that hasn’t changed: it’s still raining.

To those of you who are muttering “you’ve got to love New England summers” this is NOT a New England summer, at least not as I grew up knowing them.

I’m still in a good mood, mostly because we’re lucky enough to have you all coming out, even in the rain. Thank you! But aren’t we all dying for a splash of sunshine? I mean, isn’t this weather unhealthy at some point?

Killer tea (MEMs) and Coffee $1 this morning only as a thanks to everyone who keeps braving the wet.

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