Brunch: take 3

By ayr July 19, 2009


You’ve noticed the notes about Brunch at the Clover truck. Many of you have stopped by to say hi and fill up.

We hope we’re improving. You’ll find changes to menu, operations, and pricing.

– pancakes with wild MA blueberries
– corn fritters made with fresh MA corn
– pickles from worcester
– tempeh strips from MA
– plenty of syrup from Ashfield, MA
– orange juice
– agua fresca from ma strawberries
– iced coffee from Barrington ma
– iced tea from MEM’s of Somerville

$8 Super: 2 pancakes, pick one (corn fritters, pickles, tempeh strips), coffee or tea
$10 Super Duper: 3 pancakes, pick 2 (corn fritters, pickles, tempeh strips), tea or coffee, juice

Al la carte pricing also available

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