Boston inspectional services

By ayr July 21, 2009

We’re working on getting the Truck licensed in Boston. We’ve got a few things in mind.

Last week we tried, and failed, to pass the inspection. Major issues: they want us to add a full fire supression system to the full hood we already have. Very expensive but we’re going to do it anyway. Second issue: cleanliness of the truck. Are you kidding me!?! You all know how we keep the truck.

I’ll share a quick story with you, an exchange from BEFORE we were flunked for cleanliness:
Inspector: what is your fly management system?
Me: we don’t have one
Inspector: you need a fly management system. Where are the flys?
Me: we don’t have any. We clean everything out of this truck every single day.
Inspector: well you need a fly management system, sticky hanging strips or something.

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