Sorry, we just ran out of eggplant

By ayr July 22, 2009


We take a lot of criticism for running out of food. But that’s OK. Many of you don’t understand why.

We LOVE running out. Not because we like turning away customers (we hate that), and not because of some lame deliberate scarcity marketing ploy (we’d never play games like that). We love running out because we’re proud to be serving food that is just-cut. If you have a large amount of left over food at the end of each day it means one of two things: (a) you’re throwing out a lot of waste food, or (b) you’re wrapping it up and serving it again, and again, until it sells out. Few can afford to throw things out, so instead you end up with a landscape of food re-use. The other solution to this problem is making everything frozen, frying to order, and drenching with shelf stable sauces and buns that last for a couple of weeks. Sound familiar?

We’d rather run out occasionally. Besides, the stock outs give you the opportunity to try new things on the menu.

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