Explanation/ update

By ayr July 30, 2009

Hey everybody. After 1 missed breakfast, and one late breakfast this past week I feel I owe you all a short explanation. Oh, and this has something to do with the dearth of posts in the past few weeks.

We’re been working on the next steps for the truck. Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. But we do want to develop some experience with cities other than Cambridge, and other sites, etc. So we’ve got our eye on local farmer’s markets. Idea would be to pickup at 2pm (when we finish at MIT), drive to a farmer’s market, and serve up salads made from produce those farmers at the market grew. Should be awesome.

But first we need to get the permits, etc. Boston fire (above) is good with us now that we have an ansul system on our hood. But we’re still up against Boston Inspectional Services. They want us to have full time refrigeration, that means while the truck is driving. I’m trying to figure out how/ if we can pull that off. Right now we put ice-packs in the fridges, which btw are restaurant grade and rated for 4 hours of power-outage.

Anyway, this stuff has been taking a lot of my time. And I’m also working hard to get the investors we need lined up for the next stage (which is going very well). So sorry for the hic-ups. We’ll try to straighten things out this coming week.

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