I love pancakes (and sticky-buns)

By ayr July 31, 2009

Hey all, those of you who came by last week for brunch may have noticed I wasn’t around. I was in Michigan, visiting family. So my brunch last week was sticky-buns from Amish farmers.

Reminder: we’re back THIS SUNDAY, 11am – 1pm.┬áBrunch at the Clover truck. Come by for killer coffee (hot and cold), tea, juices, pancakes (with fresh local blueberries), corn fritters (with fresh local corn), local pickles, and of course, maple syrup.

Here’s a picture of one of the Amish stands at the Midland Michigan farmer’s market. Check out those super cool crates they have to store their pies. Perfect, they’re made out of cut-up shipping crates (particle board), very simple, they cube-out perfectly in the trailer.

I loved this place and a few of the other Amish and Mennonite road-stands we stopped at. Simple, clean, maintained. For example, at one of the farm stands there was a children’s park. All of the equipment was really really old, like 50+ years. But there wasn’t a single thing that was not working. Grass was maintained, and there were nice simple crash pads at base of all equipment. Opposite of our consumer society which buys expensive stuff, doesn’t maintain, and throws away. We’re doing our best at Clover to work very hard to maintain everything and limit what we throw away or replace.

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