By ayr August 13, 2009


From the beginning one of our primary goals has been that our food satisfy our customers. Not stuffed, but full.

We’ve had a few misses (there was a body builder and friend who complained loudly on the website, one of our regulars still “double fists” our sandwiches daily). But for the most part we’ve nailed this. And while our sandwiches may look small, they are made with unprocessed stuff (e.g. Whole wheat bread) and as a result are surprisingly filling.

But with our salads, even at $2, and even positioned as “one of many,” we’ve had misfires. We started with one package, then switched to another. We’ve had inconsistent filing.

That’s all history now. We’ve settled on 8 fl ounce containers, and I found a scoop just the right size to allow consistent packing.

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