By ayr August 17, 2009

It’s happening folks. Rolando and I realized that the tricky thing about brunch is that it takes a long time before we get many cycles in. With lunch we had our 10th try at the end of week 2. With brunch we’re not going to have our 10th try for a couple more months.

But this past Sunday we stepped it up a few notches. If you came by you found we were:

– Better on service (not perfect, but much better)

– Trying different batters, including a vegan pancake

– Offering new items, including a heaping bowl of fruit with yogurt and granola (super-sized version of our breakfast favorite but with fresh fruit rather than compote)

– Highlighting stone fruit (just coming into season), and local yogurt (this time from Narragansett, RI)

– Extended hours (we opened at 10am)

If you didn’t make it by you’ll have another chance next week: 10am – 1pm, Sunday (8/23)

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