All natural organic freshly baked in house

By ayr August 19, 2009


You may have noticed we don’t spend much time here talking about the other companies that want your food dollars. You may not know that I check out 5-10 spots every week.

I won’t focus here on who is serving “all natural organic baked fresh daily” cookies. but it’s a great example of a lot of marketing you’ll never find at Clover. Heck, you have to ask before you find out how much of our food is organic.

So why am I such a hater on this type of organic-fresh-babble?

First, it generally assumes nobody is really going to pay attention. And what’s the point of that?

Second, it’s loud. I’d rather have you all hearing about Clover from one another, not a Clover megaphone.

Third, it costs money. You may not believe it but some graphic designer and a bunch of marketers get paid for this stuff. We’d rather use our dollars to buy better ingredients and deliver lower prices.

Fourth, and I’ll admit this is what really gets to me, it’s BS. This example? It’s a chain that really really wants to be associated with health. So what are the cookies doing there? And what on earth does “all natural.” mean? “Fresh baked” — I can decode that one. I used to make these cookies at burger king. They are frozen pre-made dough you pop in an oven. And what are those oranges doing in that display? Are they fresh? If so why should they be wasted as display. Are they fake? If so, what are they saying.

Ok, I’m just about finished, buy before I close let me draw your attention to the sign above the soda. Hilarious.

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