Hat and Jerry

By ayr August 26, 2009


This week is the last for Hat and Jeremiah. They’re not going too far, Jerry is still going to work a day or two every week, and Hat is going to help us with a food literacy project we’re cooking up. But we’re going to miss their daily presence.

Hat is from Florida, she moved there from Thailand when she was little. Her parents ran an amazing Thai restaurant with only 6 items in the menu. Now she’s a student at Dartmouth. We haven’t had much luck convincing her to drop out, but we hope she’ll come back after she graduates this spring. One of Hat’s most endearing qualities may actually be a neurological condition or disease of some sort. She calls vegetables by the wrong name, all the time. Her favorite vegetable description is “cabbage.” As in “hold the lettuce? What’s that? We don’t put lettuce on the BLT. You mean the cabbage?” (this after Hat had been making BLTs everyday for 3 weeks)

Jerry grew up in Arlington. His dad’s a cook so he grew up exposed to the crazy world of food service. Jerry’s the guy always smiling, laughing, or encouraging others. He’s now one of the fastest sandwich hands (I’d say THE fastest if I wasn’t scared of Leah).

Hat and Jerry, we’re going to miss you guys.

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