Cupcakes for Ayr

By ayr September 22, 2009


We have a lot of new customers. So you may not realize I generally update this website daily (it’s been a rough last 2 weeks). There may be some other things about Clover that are new to you.

Birthday Cupcakes:
We maintain that lunchtime dessert should be an occasional, not daily experience. So instead of selling you dessert every day, we give away cupcakes when somebody on the crew (or my family) has a birthday.

Last week was my birthday. We made a variation of the birthday cake my mother always made for me: butterscotch cake, coconut butterscotch frosting.

A few things about cupcake days:
– We don’t announce them (but if you’re a breakfast customer you’ll see us making them and have advance warning)
– they are free
– we make 100-150, once they’re gone that’s it
– We’re in the process of developing the recipes. Luckily they’re hard to screw up. Sometimes they are vegan
– they’re ugly. Sorry, dressing things up isn’t my strength. You’ll forget what they look like as soon as you have a bite in your mouth.

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