New squeeze bottles

By ayr September 25, 2009

A couple of times a week I bring small gifts to the crew. Helps make up for all the times I let them down.

A recent treat was these “FIFO” bottles. FIFO is an acronym for “first in, first out,” an inventory management approach. We’re loving the bottles, which squeeze from the bottom. Faster, cleaner, more accurate. They’re working great for us.

At first I thought the design was redundant, notice that they have 2 caps (bottom and top). But then I realized that places like Subway probably re-fill these without cleaning them. So they want to refill them at the top (non-dispensing side), and push through to bottom. A bit gross, but finally the 2 tops makes sense. I’d like it if there was only one cap, that on the bottom. Oh well. Not going to design a new squeeze bottle, the POS system is enough for us to take on.

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