On the road to PEI

By ayr September 29, 2009

Our french fries are a bit unconventional. Forget about the rosemary, and the fact that we cut them on the truck. The real subversion is the potatoes we use (and the fact that we only fry them once).

Last fall when we developed these recipes we fell in love with Prince Edward Island potatoes. We got into fights with suppliers. I’m not kidding. They wouldn’t ship me these. They kept subbing them out for others. They said you can’t use PEI’s for french fries. I said, come taste them. Anyway, I literally had to go there in person to sort it out. Crazy, right?

Then in May we found the PEIs were done. On to Cowboy potatoes, from out West.

And now we’re using potatoes from Hadley, MA and RI for the next month or two until the PEIs are up again. You’ll notice a lighter colored fry. And these potatoes, unlike the Cowboys, stay more crunchy, even as they cool.

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