Welcome all!

By ayr September 30, 2009

We have a TON of new customers. Partly because we’ve made huge moves in our processing rates (our throughput is up 3 fold in the past 4 weeks), partly because people keep coming back, and partly because you’re all telling others about what’s going on.

We’re killing ourselves to make sure you all have a fantastic experience. But that doesn’t mean we nail it every time. Just know we’re committed to improvement, and we REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you let us know when things come up short. The volumes we’re facing are crazy. I’ll put it this way, every single day over the past 2 weeks has been higher than our all time record 1 month ago.

Welcome all. We’re happy to have you join the Clover family. Soon Leah wont have to ask for your name when she’s taking your order.

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