Market Mobile

By ayr November 6, 2009

We have a very simple understanding of fresh:
– When was it picked, dug up, harvested?
– When was it cut, chopped, prepped, cooked?


We would like to make these timescales as short as possible. And for the most part we do pretty well. We get shipments every day, which means the produce isn’t sitting around in our fridge, we use a distributor that has high volumes of produce, so it isn’t sitting at his place. And when we can we source directly from farms or local producers. For example, your yogurt may have been made yesterday.


But these things can be tricky. There are clever folks out there trying to work out solutions. Most look similar:
– Go to some website
– Pick food you want, pay
– Pick-up somewhere


Rolando learned about this thing in Providence called Market Mobile. The twist they add, which has us excited, is that their suppliers actually harvest and produce to demand. That is, when we say we want cauliflower friday, somebody at the farm picks it Thursday or Friday morning for us.


There’s a bunch more to all of this, and as we work through improving our product supply we’ll share here. The short story is that we want our food to taste as good as it can, and that means we’ve got to pay a lot of attention to where it’s coming from.
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