Code orange

By ayr November 25, 2009


As some of you know, we squeeze orange juice daily. We sell a modest number, 4-7 per day. They are expensive ($4) but a very low margin item for us. I’ve been thinking about offering a smaller size (say 8 oz. Instead of 12 oz.) to bring the cost down.

They main reason we go to the trouble is because it just tastes so good. When you drink a glass of our OJ you realize immediately how bad all that “fresh squeezed” OJ is. Almost nobody squeezed in house, most “fresh squeezed” are squeezed in Florida by this company called Indian Orchard.

2 weeks ago we started receiving bad oranges. We’ve been pulling our orange juice from the offerings because we’re not happy with the quality. In Feb oranges start to come from CA. This time of year they are coming from Florida. And there are some serious problems with the Florida crop. Apparently they were late to get started, and there is some sort of blight.

So we’re going to be eliminating the OJ until we can get a better orange. In the meantime we may try grapefruit juice (they seem to be doing pretty well).

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