Load balancing

By ayr December 14, 2009

So if you’ve been by the truck lately you’ve been taking part in a new experiment. We had this idea: share operational data with customers, make everyone happier. You may not believe me, but I can’t stand people having to wait for our food. We would love to have every single customer served in less than 4 minutes. Unfortunately, we’re often operating at our capacity during the lunch rush, and the line starts to build.

Above is a simple drawing, based on real data, of what we experience at peak hours. We’re looking into ways of sharing this type of information and much more with dynamic displays at the restaurant. If anybody is looking to play around with e-ink displays, drop me a line, we could use some help.

As simple as this seems, it’s pretty revolutionary for retail. There are very few operations that provide customers with transparency to operations. You may be familiar with package tracking (UPS and FedEx), Dell’s computer manufacture, the RMV’s number system, and deli numbers. But examples are limited. For Clover I think we’re going to achieve great things by sharing as much as we can.

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