Breakfast sandwich

By ayr January 5, 2010


I’m going to begin this and every post this week with a plug for Friday. we’re going to have a TV crew from TLC here filming a show that features Clover. We know you’re all going to come out, we’ll make it a good time.

So I’ve said in the past that you’ll never find egg sandwiches on Clover’s breakfast menu. Main reason: making eggs well is very hard. I just didn’t trust we could deliver the quality we would demand in a fast everyday context.

Then Jeremiah came up with the idea of using a circulating water bath to cook the eggs. These things have very precise temperature control and you set them such that the egg white cooks perfectly (not rubbery) and the yolk creamy. You can leave the eggs in for hours and they are just perfect. It’s pretty amazing.

We’re experimenting with building the sandwich. Right now a very simple sandwich is the favorite: cheddar cheese, tomato, and egg. The pita we’re using is a bit different, a smaller version of out sandwich pita. It’s all coming together beautifully. We’ll have them for sale Thursday morning. $3

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