America Eats

By ayr January 11, 2010


That is the working title for the TLC show. I’ve been struggling to remember it because it is so generic.

Thanks to all of you who came by and put up with the cameras and slightly slower service.

We’re happy about the coverage, and especially the timing. We’re working to get another truck and a restaurant open by the time this airs.

The experience was strange. More scripted than documentary. We were all repeating things until they were anything but natural and spontaneous. And there were a few things Rolando and I just couldn’t bring ourselves to say.

One of my favorite was Rolando refusing to talk about “high end techniques” we’re bringing to street food. Rolando said “no, we chop, we cut, it’s basic stuff.” We really don’t want to create mystery here. We focus on ingredients, recipes, and hard work, but avoid mystery.

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