By ayr January 28, 2010

I’m going to start to open this blog up to some of the other folks who’ve been making your food. I want the Clover voice to start to reflect their thoughts, and I’d love you all to get to know them better.

We’ll start off with Jeremiah. He’s actually our second Jeremiah. The other you may remember if you were eating with us over the summer, we usually call him Jerry.

This Jeremiah came to us most recently from kitchens in Switzerland. He is a graduate from Johnson & Wales (via Rolando) where he studied culinary arts and nutrition. Jeremiah is one of the taller folks working on the truck right now. He was the one dressed as a giraffe for halloween. And now Jeremiah helps me make Clover difficult for shorter folks as we’re always packing stuff up high and far away. He’s also had his share of lumps from that #@$(* rear door that knocks us all on the head.

You can thank Jeremiah for helping us push forward the breakfast menu (circulating eggs were his idea), bringing us some new soups (sweet potato) and creative garnishes (fried onion), and doing a ton of the heavy lifting back at the kitchen, literally. He’s helping us with the nutritionals working with Chris, so I’m hoping to get him to author some upcoming posts on that topic. Now that you know Jeremiah say hi next time you’re by.

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