Chickpea fritter nutritionals

By ayr February 1, 2010

While we like to think that you all love every sandwich equally, it’s hard to deny that the Chickpea Fritter outsells its brothers. So we thought we’d start here on the detailed sandwich nutritionals.

First, the ingredients. You all know our whole wheat pita. We make our own hummus from dried organic chickpeas. For the sandwiches we make the hummus less thick than you’d want if you were eating it straight. And as you’ve all no doubt noticed neither Rolando nor I have any particular ethnic credibility, certainly not middle eastern. So we don’t fake it. We’ve played around with these flavors to come up with something customers like. In this case it means less garlic and less Cumin in the hummus than some may consider “authentic.” We don’t use olive oil, and we’ve cut back on tahini, mostly because these two were adding little taste and a lot of fat to the sandwich.

We add an “israeli salad” on top of the hummus. That’s a tomato and cucumber salad that we make up each morning. Diced cucumbers, diced tomatoes, a variety of spices including Za’atar, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. We then add some thin sliced pickles. We get our pickles from a place in Worcester called Regal Crown. We think they’re the best around. And we buy them whole and slice them ourselves because pickles that have been sliced before pickling just don’t have that crunch. These aren’t fermented or anything, just a very simple vinegar-y dill pickle.

On top of that bed we put our “chickpea fritters,” straight out of the fryer. They’re one of the few complicated things we make. No baking soda. No gluten.

Then come the pickled vegetables: organic carrots, red cabbage, red onions all pickled in a brine made with organic white vinegar and kosher salt.

Lastly we top everything with tahini mixed with lemon juice, water, and salt to make the sauce that is confusingly called “tahini.” So what does it cost you?

Calories 455 kcal

Carbohydrates 73 g

Fat 12 g

% calories from fat: 24%

Protein 15 g

Fiber 14 g

Cholesterol 0 mg

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