Excuse me, what kind of food truck do you think I am?

By ayr February 2, 2010

I got a hilarious email earlier today from “Action Marketing Group.” I’m including it after the break for those curious. But the punchline is that they want to make Clover into some sort of mobile TV promotional something for 2 weeks in June. The image above was included in the pitch as an example. Can you imagine? On the other hand, could be an alternative fund raising activity if our loans don’t go through : ) More after the break.


My name is Brett Rindt, from Action Marketing Group, and I am working with a TV network client that is looking to broadcast TV from Food Catering Trucks. Specifically, I am interested in determining costs/feasibility from you to sponsor or rent your truck for a branded takeover or sponsorship from June 13th to 27th.

What we’re looking to do and what these takeover/sponsorships would include:

–          Wrapping the truck and then un-wrapping the truck in branded graphics (An example of this is how Red Bull wraps their convertible mini coopers in graphics – these graphics are plastic adhesives that can be put on and removed – similar to this: http://laist.com/attachments/la_zach/Ilan-hall-food-truck.jpg or this:http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a5/Red_Bull_Mini_BCN.jpg)

–          TV’s would hang or be set on top of the Food Truck

–          Truck would ideally be out for 12 hours a day

–          Exact route TBD – or we could work with you to keep your specific route

–          We would compensate the employees working the truck (in addition to their normal pay) and would compensate you – the Company/Owner for this sponsorship as well

–          Would still like you to sell your own food

I appreciate your help on this and would love to see your rough costs/ideas/thoughts to make this work. Do you have any idea of what you may charge to make something like this happen for 2 weeks?

Thanks a million!

Brett Rindt
Account Manager

Action Marketing Group
3020 Carbon Place, Suite 300
Boulder, CO 80301
[F] 303.447.7399
[M] 262.751.6932
[W] actionmarketing.com

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