1010 Mass ave

By ayr February 4, 2010

If you don’t recognize that address you’re clearly not initiated into the wonders of the foodservice industry in Boston. This is where Boston Inspectional Services lives.

Some of you may remember our frustrating experience with that office last summer. You can search old post entries for more details, but the short version is this: we wanted to serve to the people of Boston last summer on weekends.

I went over to 1010 and wrote a check, then another check, and then another check. Then they inspected the truck and told me I needed a full ansul (fire suppression) system for the hood. So I went ahead and had that installed at significant cost (something like $5k). I went back to have it inspected to be told by fire that they didn’t want to inspect my truck, the guy in charge there actually asked me who would have told me to do such a thing. OK. Frustrating, but at least we can operate now, right?

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Well, no. Inspectional services told me I would need a different generator that could provide full time refrigeration (even though my food, which had been waiting in the truck for 2 hours for the inspector, was properly insulated and at exactly the right temperature. Cost of generator: $10k. Very very frustrating.

Alright, enough of that. Meant for that story to be short, but obviously I haven’t recovered fully. Happy to say that this time around we’re making better progress. That’s because I brought them the design drawings so changes don’t cost me anything (last truck was designed for Cambridge, this one is for Boston). I was still run around a bit. I was told what to bring for a meeting, I brought it. I was told I needed my architect to SIGN my plans before they would review (not mentioned before the first meeting). I got the signatures, rescheduled, back again, a few more things they would need, back again, done.

There’s a lot of city stuff happening right now, what with the new truck and the restaurant. I promise these updates will not all be rants. This is what we do to bring you food.

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