I like your shoes

By ayr February 9, 2010

So what’s with these shoes I’ve been wearing?

If you took the our online survey the other week you already know. But I thought I owed the rest of you an explanation.

We’re going to be surveying you all once a month going forward. It’ll help us serve you better food faster. This most recent survey included a free fry/ free soup offer for those who completed the survey. I didn’t want to get caught up in some silly matching of customers to numbers etc., so for those who completed the survey, I emailed a “secret password.” I told them to say “I like your shoes” next time they came by the truck and we’d hook them up with the fries/ soup.

So I thought if I’m going to have hundreds of customers noticing my shoes, they better be something worth noticing, right? So I found myself at Concepts in Harvard Square. I actually love this shop. It’s run by a friend of a friend named Tarik I think, but I’ve never met him. For those of you not into the whole sneaker culture, these guys are one of the top shops in the country. A feat given Boston leads nationally in almost zero retail. Actually, in my opinion, this may be one of the only world-class retail shops in Boston. They didn’t invent what they do, but it’s a business that’s all about what happens behind the scenes: shoe design, promotion, social networking. And these guys do it with relatively little gimmick.

I went in and bought the most showy shoes I could find. So that’s the story of my comic book shoes. I sort of like them, do you? (you’ve got to be honest now, the survey give-away is over)

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