New truck craziness

By ayr February 10, 2010

OK. I owe you a ton of posts on the new truck. I’ve been meaning to set-up a new page, I have an entire architecture in mind for our web communication. But it hasn’t happened yet. And in the meantime you’re missing a ton of great stuff.

So here it goes, First real post of Clover truck #2. Sad thing is that picture doesn’t capture everything that’s going on. It’s really a 3 dimensional beast.

The quick catch-up: we’re doing a second truck, it’s being built right now. The City of Boston has invested in the truck, which is awesome. We’re going to reward them with 20 new jobs in under 9 months, a very nice ROI. So the new truck is going to be in Boston. Sorry Cambridgians. We’re still working out the location.

My architects have all sorts of ideas about this truck. Those window angles were a bit of a leap of faith for me, but the architects (SSd) spent hours making sure they were just right. And they are. This thing is gorgeous. There’s a crazy awning planned, and this one is going to actually get completed, I promise. And the truck itself, well we’ve learned a few things. We’re expecting no less than 2x the current throughput. You read that right. When the MIT truck hits 160 customers in an hour, we’re expecting this one can hit double that. Double the friers, double the sandwich stations. Double the staff ? : ) ? It’s going to be crazy.

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