Breakfast tinkering

By ayr February 22, 2010

Those are our coffee beans. Raw. These are the ones I wrote a long post about a few weeks ago. Casa Ruiz, Panama.

I had a chance to stop by Barrington Roasters the other day, when I was picking up wood for the counters for the new truck. It was a ton of fun. A guy named Heck showed me around, and I had a chance to meet up with Barth (who runs the place) and chat coffee.

The timing is great. We’re getting ready for our restaurant and returning to some of our basic operations to tweak and improve. Breakfast is in the crosshairs. Expect changes to muffins, coffee, and perhaps some new offerings in coming weeks.

I’m getting a ton of coffee paraphernalia and we’re going to be upgrading our process, from start to finish. And you’re going to get to help. Tomorrow Rolando is coming up to the truck and we’re going to be going through the first round of testing. This is going to be a ton of fun.

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