Back to Pen and Paper

By Lucia February 23, 2010

My first day at Clover, back in August, was also the last day of order-taking by pen and paper. The next day, we got our POS system, with a server, an iPod Touch for order-taking, one at each sandwich station, and one for the expeditor, the person who hands out your food.

Yesterday the server wasn’t working and we were back to pen and paper – or in my case, pen and paper bag (or when the pen ran out of ink – expo-marker and paper bag). Columns for name, sandwich, drink, soup, and fries. Ayr was calling out orders to the folks on the truck (like: “I need one egg-and-eggplant followed by two chickpeas, a barbeque, and four fries”), and crossing orders off by hand.

If you stopped by yesterday during the lunch rush, you might have noticed we were a much noisier truck. iPod system is back up and running.

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