The dirty (water) truth

By ayr February 23, 2010

OK, so you’re going to be putting up with a lot of coffee talk from us over coming weeks as we tweak our offerings. We’ve got a few goals: (a) we want to better match your coffee tastes, meaning tons of customer feedback, (b) we want to make our offering better and more consistent, (c) we want to know what we’re doing.

On the last you’ll hear a lot from us. There’s a ton of fetishism around coffee. And with “pour over” (the buzzword for what we do) becoming all the rage, espresso geeks are bringing their finicky ways over to our world. I’ve read that Starbucks is about to offer pour over coffee nation wide, and Intelligentsia has already converted all of their Chicago stores but one.

But before we get into all that subtle stuff we have a big improvement we can make without any testing. Right now we use straight Boston tap water for everything. We should be using filtered Boston tap water. We’ve known this but have just been too busy with everything else to get it fixed.

We need one of these, an Everpure industrial filter. Brian is going to be helping me locate, buy, and get one of these bad-boys installed.

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