Narraganset creamery

By ayr February 25, 2010

Our yogurt supplier, Narraganset Creamery, makes up some of the best yogurt in the Northeast. The only other producer that I’d put at their quality would be Sidehill Farm back from W. Mass (where I grew up). Sidehill is great, but they don’t really sell around here.

What’s good yogurt? Mostly it has to do with freshness, and lack of additives — stabilizers, preservatives, etc. The cultures are happy and active. It comes through in the taste, and also in the texture. You’ll notice if you get to breakfast early in the morning that we always stir the yogurt quickly 40-50 stirs before serving anybody. This creates a silky texture, it’s really beautiful.

If you haven’t had our yogurt it can be found with granola and seasonal fruit compote every morning.

The picture above is from a recent trip to Narraganset. It’s a huge operation, and they make a lot of cheese. More pictures after the break.

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