West coast what?

By ayr March 10, 2010

Rolando and I just got back from a trip out to the West Coast. We visited LA, SF, Portland. We ate, and ate, and ate, and ate. Coffee shops and roasters for breakfast, taco trucks for lunch and dinner, fast food joints everywhere in between, and a few fine dining experiences just to make sure we didn’t starve.

When we got started we decided we’d force ourselves to take a culinary adventure once a year. The idea is that we’ll keep ourselves up to date and inspired, and bring back great ideas to Clover. Someday this may involve tasting the fruit nectars of Brazil, or sampling street vendors in India. This year: a $109 JetBlue flight across country and staying with friends.

I’m going to be rolling out little posts covering some of our adventures. This picture above is of Rolando holding Kogi, the most hyped food-truck in the world. This was on day 1, at 12:30am PT, jetlag what?

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