Portland coffee scene

By ayr March 13, 2010

If you’ve been frequenting the truck lately you’ll notice all of those bags. This picture was taken at Barista, no kidding, that’s what they named their coffee shop. The place has an approach to coffee that we like: they serve many roasters. But beyond that there isn’t much creativity (as if the name itself wasn’t enough of a tip-off). Still, Rolando and I had great cups of coffee, even if we did feel like yuppies sitting there sipping our expensive cups of joe.

Barista is one of the newer folks on the scene in Portland. There are also notable shops that serve in the very unique parking-lot food stand markets (see another post for more on that). We loved a little place called Velo coffee (you know, like a bicycle). And of course it’s Portland, so Stumptown is king. We visited something like 5 of their shops, all perfect except for the fact that they don’t serve drip. It’s french press in vacuum pots all the way in Portland. If you don’t know what a vacuum pot is, think back to the last time you were at a bad hotel banquet. Yup, that’s how they are getting their coffee in this part of the world, one squirt at a time.

This city is amazing. Food is great, feel is relaxed, people are friendly. Nature is accessible. Great beer. Food carts everywhere! What more could you ask for : )

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