Ecco coffee

By ayr March 14, 2010

My expectations were low. Ecco was bought by Intelligentsia recently. They’re best known for “seasonal coffee,” something I think is marketing hype. I don’t like the name. I don’t like the packaging. But everybody was telling me I should check them out, so I made the trip up to Ecco.

Wow, this was an experience I’m not going to forget. Andrew, the founder, was amazing. He and his head roaster, Drew, took a very generous chunk out of their day with me. We had a great time. And afterward I felt as though I’d eaten a meal. Some of the coffees were light, like appetizers, some satisfying like a main course, others felt like wine, and one in particular felt like dessert. A flowery yummy dessert.

I loved their philosophy, and approach. But above all, the coffee just tasted delicious. Yum.

Brooke and my sister got to listen to me say yum about 1000 times on the trip back to SF.

We’re going to be sharing these coffees at the truck. Really really special.

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