LA Truck Scene

By ayr March 18, 2010

LA may have the most active new food truck scene in the country. Most of these new trucks are old taco trucks that have been fancied up (or not in Kogi’s case).

The taco trucks that have been at it forever are still doing their thing. These new trucks are mostly focused on nightlife. And their hours are very limited. Some (the Green Truck) are only serving 1-2 days/ week at best. There’s a big focus on Thursday, Friday, Saturday night. So Rolando and I found ourselves staying up late to experience the scene.

These trucks have developed relationships with bars. I’m guessing the bars don’t serve food late. So it’s a symbiotic relationship, trucks bring excitement and customers, bars get them drunk and hungry.

Can’t say we were bowled over by any of the food coming off of these. They weren’t really food-based concepts. Really they were just hot dog trucks, taco trucks, and asian trucks dressed up with new marketing. E.g., Hawaiian taco truck

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