Reefer van

By ayr April 9, 2010


We’re in the market for a refrigerated van, or “reefer” as folks seem to call them in the classifieds. We’re struggling to make it past 2pm on nice days without running out of food. Time for a resupply van. Boston requires full time refrigeration for transporting food unless you’re a caterer. So here we are.

I’m trying to decide between new, used, or lease. We’d like to preserve capital, but don’t want to overspend on this thing.

I looked at a used one this afternoon down in Newport, RI. It had been used as a lobster transporter. I was hoping I’d want to buy this 2004 Sprinter on the spot for the $20k the owner was asking.

Instead all of my alarms went off. New paint, new panels, basic mechanics in bad shape. I think this guy was dressing it up for sale. Not for us.

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