By Lucia April 12, 2010

This is Matt. He joined us about a month ago. Matt went to culinary school in upstate New York but spent the better part of last year doing hard work on farms in Italy and France.

One of the best things about Matt is his impressions of Clover ingredients and people from his hometown (Hyde Park, Mass). Let me explain. We use a crushed red pepper, called aleppo, to season some of our items, like the spicy carrot soup. When Matt found out what it was called he kept laughing. Apparently in his town there’s a guy named Al Leppo who comes to all the baseball games and heckles the players. So whenever we use aleppo, Matt’s impression of Al Leppo comes out.

Matt is leading the morning shift for us these days, getting up at 5 in the morning, loading the truck, driving it to MIT, starting breakfast and working through the lunch rush. He’s doing a great job pulling it all together, and we’re really excited to have him on board.

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