Local Eggs Supply Chain

By Lucia April 15, 2010

We love getting our eggs from Chip-in Farm in Bedford, Mass. They’re really fresh, plus you can visit the chickens on the farm : )

We get our eggs in a sort of roundabout arrangement. We place our order with Russo’s, a big grocery store and distributor in Watertown. Russo’s delivers produce to Chip-in Farm for them to sell at their farm stand. When Russo’s delivers to Chip-in, they pick up eggs, then deliver those eggs to Clover. Like a lot of local supply chains, it doesn’t always work smoothly.

Sometimes (like during the days surrounding Easter) there were no eggs to be had. Sometimes we get our delivery and eggs are listed as “out of stock.”¬†We have to go to the grocery store or get eggs from different suppliers.

We run through a lot of eggs every day (like 8 dozen). That number will grow as we scale up for the summer, so we’re hoping to find a more direct arrangement from Chip-in.

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