By Lucia April 18, 2010

This one has been a long time coming – if you eat with us you probably already know Brian. And if you don’t, you can recognize him easily from now on. He’ll be the one wearing purple, sparkly sneakers (if you took the Clover survey you know why).

Brian comes from the Midwest (Ohio). A series of awesome jobs brought him to Clover. Actually I think Brian has had the most creative jobs of anyone on the truck – from a summer working at a zoo (I think this is true…) to time spent in New York working in a high-end wine cellar. Brian got interested in good food and good drinks early on, and has managed at some really great restaurants, most recently at Craigie on Main.

Brian has been here since September and is running the truck these days, coordinating everything from staffing to ordering food to making sure the lunch rush runs smoothly, and he’s doing a great job keeping on top of the dozens of issues that emerge every day here. We like Brian because of his attention to detail (you’ll never find anything messy or out of order after Brian has worked a shift) and his creative, sometimes shocking re-imaginings of Clover sandwiches (more on that later…)

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