Coffee station

By ayr April 21, 2010

So we’ve graduated from the one-cup-one melitta set-up that got us going. I’ve been thinking about some sort of a coffee station upgrade just as long as I’ve been planning the restaurant. Here you get 2 pictures. We’ve experienced this before. We need something new. We look everywhere. All of the existing solutions are expensive and terrible. We design our own.

The first one is an ugly prototype I made. I just bought some copper pipe and a bender and free-form bent this. I’d study many designs and decided there were basically 3-4 types of pour-over coffee station set-ups. I didn’t love any of them, so I imagined this version with minimal material, minimal weight. All that frame has to do is hold the filter cups at the right spot. That doesn’t take much.

The second is version 1. The folks over at Bostonian Body fabricated this for me out of stainless steel. We are now pouring on version 2, a slightly refined iteration.

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