City of Boston + Clover

By ayr April 22, 2010

I’ve been sneaking a few Truck #2 posts in here lately. Soon that truck will have its own Blog. For now they will show up here.

I met this week with the folks over at the City of Boston business development office. They are doing a ton to help us with the new truck. Not least of which is providing us with a loan. That’s right, the City of Boston is loaning us money to grow, $25,000. Of course we’re excited to pay it back with interest, but just as excited to report new jobs we’ll be creating, and most importantly, the number of Bostonians we’ll be feeding.

We suspect a few Boston residents have snuck over Cambridge side to eat with us, but soon Clover will be in Boston proper. We can’t wait. There’s still a ton to get ready (truck, staff, site location), but we’re working hard on it and things are moving forward.

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