The great sandwich disaster of 2010

By ayr April 23, 2010

I expect you will all forget this quickly, we will not.

Yesterday I ran the “eastern” sandwich station as we call it (middle-eastern). And I was faced with a really tough decision. Generally we will not serve food we aren’t proud of. In front of me I had the worst excuse for hummus I’d ever seen. And the pickled veggies were looking awful. My choice was to shut down Clover (at 11:15am) or serve these as they were.  I’m not sure if it was the right choice, but we served.

After service I went back to the kitchen and dumped 22 Qt. of hummus, and equal amounts of pickled onion and carrots. I hate throwing food out but we weren’t going to serve this again. We made new pickled veggies last night, and did them right. And I made hummus this morning in time for service (the chickpeas needed to soak overnight). The picture above is from a proper sandwich from today.

We’ve been doing a lot of hiring, and apparently failing with some of the training. A huge sorry to everybody who got one of those sandwiches yesterday (Chickpea Fritter or Egg and Eggplant). If you ever have anything from us you don’t like you should tell us, we really really appreciate the opportunity to improve. But in this case I’m going to be pro-active. If you had an Egg and Eggplant or Chickpea Fritter on Thursday 4/22/2010 we owe you a sandwich. Next time you’re by take us up on it. We’ll give you one made right.

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