Installing counters on new truck

By ayr April 25, 2010

That’s me. It’s a terrible picture. I took it myself, with the iPhone. You’re not going to notice dramatic changes between the current and the new trucks. But they are there. The counter this time is from a single slab (last time both were from the same tree, but not continuous). The counters are also a bit less deep, and thicker. And I’ve done a better job finishing them. But they are the same wood (red oak).

Other changes include a gravity-fed water system (vs. the current electric pump-operated one), a separate self-contained hand-wash sink (very cool), a much larger sandwich station on the left hand side, room for up to 9 employees in the truck (we max out at 6 right now), double the fryer capacity, better placement of everything in the truck, about 10x the propane we can currently carry, and a killer generator that allows us to keep the refrigerators running even while the truck is driving. Oh, and did I say awning? More on that shortly.

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