By ayr April 28, 2010

This is the face behind many of the posts you’ve been reading lately. Lucia has pitched in to help me with the blog. She’s also the person behind the Persian New Year soup (one of our most unusual and loved soups) and the new Pimento Sandwich that premiered this week in the seasonal sandwich slot.

Lucia made a big splash at her interview. See if you can find it, it’s a post called “interviewees” from August. When Lucia’s birthday came around the folks we work alongside back at our commissary, Down Home Delivery, made her a cake and got her a present. That’s Lucia, she came carrying cupcakes and giving of herself, and in turn those of us who are lucky enough to know her want to give back.

Recently Lucia has taken up 2 important posts at Clover: (1) she’s helping me keep the blog up to date, and (2) she’s managing the PM shift.

She’s away for 2 weeks, but say hi when she comes back.

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