Soup truck

By ayr April 28, 2010

We really really need that resupply van. I’m waiting for it to get built in NYC. The dumb Ford dealership we’re buying the vehicle from has had me fill out 3 copies of the paperwork. I’m not exaggerating. The first I signed as Ayr Muir, CEO and they didn’t want the CEO part. The second time they marked the wrong X in a box, I corrected and initialed, and they said no. It’s getting silly. Each time is a fed-ex back and forth because they will not accept digital copies. Uhgg! The place is called Tower Ford, big mistake for me to work with them.

3 times in the past 2 weeks we’ve found ourselves a soup truck, or a fry truck, or a lemonade truck. Sorry for the early closes folks. We’re working on it. This one was the worst ever, 1:38pm! uhgg. Hopefully these will be a thing of the past soon. Sorry all.

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