Check out that cup

By ayr May 1, 2010

For some of our paper good we use a supplier called U.S. Foodservice. Don’t worry, we’re not getting any of our veggies from them. But they are the best of the worst when it comes to what’s called “mainstream broadline” goods. We’re talking paper cups, cleaning supplies, fry oil, etc. We’re working to switch all of our paper packaging to another (local) supplier, but that’s another post.

Anyway, US Food sometimes screws up shipments, everybody does. This time they delivered these cups. I called and sorted it all out, but they offered me 50% off the cups or replacement. I took the 50% off. As I see it you all are having to deal with ugly cups, but we just saved a bunch of money I can use to pay employees, or improve your food. Here’s hoping US Food has more screw ups going forward.

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