Sweet potato sandwich

By ayr May 3, 2010

We didn’t mean this as a gotcha, and I hope I don’t turn anybody off, but that sweet potato sandwich you’ve all been eating: it had tofu in it.

We’ve been sort of on the fence about tofu. Rolando and I have been against fake meats from day one, but tempeh, seitan, tofu, they all have their own culinary histories and are OK by us. But tofu in particular is a food a lot of people think they hate. It represents so much of what Clover is not, that we’ve been cautious about using it at all.

Where the %$@ was that tofu hiding you ask? Rolando hid it well disguising it as a spread. Basically just tofu blended with cilantro to make a smooth spread. Some of you asked what was in the sandwich, hopefully we described it well.

Sorry about the picture, couldn’t catch one of this sandwich without at least one bit in it : )

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