By ayr May 5, 2010

There’s a lot to Clover you haven’t seen yet. Don’t worry, our menu will stay simple, we’ll never be promotional, we’ll always be screwing things up, learning, and making more mistakes.

But Rolando and I have dozens of ideas we plan to explore when the time is right. The right time for sodas was this past week. We’ve been playing with some recipes. These are really simple: soda water + sugar + flavor. We started with cinnamon, vanilla, and tarragon. I was really surprised you all wanted to try the tarragon. You can look forward to cardamom, root beer, celery, cider, and on and on. Because of the way we make these we can work with really delicate flavors (tarragon, fresh vanilla bean) that would never hold up to bottling. And we control the amount of sugar, so we can keep these from being too caloric. Most important, we control the taste, and know exactly what goes into each cup.

Look forward to a soft entry of these as it gets warmer.

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