DC Food Trucks

By Lucia May 10, 2010

For the last two weeks I was working in Washington DC. Can’t say where I was working yet – but trust me, it was something good (and related to food). I have a bunch of posts from my trip but I thought I’d start with this one.

I met someone on the subway who told me about an Indian food truck called Fojol Brothers. Their Twitter post said the truck would be in a plaza near the Capitol at noon one Wednesday. I showed up a little early — no truck.

Then I hear merry-go-round music and a small silver truck pulls up and parks. Instantly (and I’m not exaggerating when I say instantly) a line formed – over a block long. Think Clover at 12:45, but this all happened at once. Mostly office workers from nearby buildings. A guy hopped out and put up the menu for the day. Every day, the truck serves 4 items: two veggie options, two meat options. The day I went, pumpkin curry, chickpea curry, and two types of chicken. You can mix any of the four items, most people were getting the $6 combination of two, which comes with rice. The truck is ready for service in a matter of minutes. It looks like they have a couple of burners set up inside, and all the curries and basmati rice are made, so it’s just a matter of keeping everything hot.

One woman in line told me that this particular plaza (L’Enfant) gets a lot of food truck traffic, but it doesn’t seem like any are permanent fixtures. Wednesdays they get Fojol Brothers, other days of the week there’s a truck that does salads. This is the kind of truck that relies on Twitter to tell folks where they’ll be, and you wait around and then see the truck pulling up and realize that a bunch of other people were waiting for it too.

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