By Lucia May 14, 2010

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the title. Yesterday at the kitchen I was prepping the ingredients for the parsnip, spinach, and pickled red onion salad we’ll have on board today. Parsnips have a thick top and a skinny end. When you cut them you want to make sure all the pieces are the same thickness, so when you roast them, they’ll all cook at the same time.

Rolando was in Providence. He texted me the first picture you see above. I started cutting up my parsnips, and sent him the second picture in return. He texted me back, saying yep, I was doing it right. This was a random exchange that happened to work out perfectly, but Rolando snaps photos of the steps of his recipes all the time. We’ll be using photos a bunch more, not only as references for recipes but for other systems like packing and setting up the truck.

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